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As part of the aging baby-boomer crowd, we've learned you can't fight old age, but you can control how and in what condition you arrive at your impending destination. The lifestyle choices made in our early years have a profound impact on the type of life we enjoy in later years. It's our goal to provide superior, wholesome, pure and natural products to enhance your life quality. Achieve and maintain wellness naturally, through health enhancing nutritional supplements at competitive prices. Excellent health doesn't happen by accident. It's time to take charge of your own health today.


Synthovial Seven Pure Hyaluronic Acid

Synthovial Seven is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of joint pain. It's active ingredient is a new orally administered liquid version of Hyaluronic Acid which stimulates the body's natural production of synovial fluid which is what lubricates the joints. Hyaluronic Acid was previously only available as an expensive, injectable compound applied directly to the affected joint. Each treatment costs hundreds of dollars and an average of six treatments are required in a month, but they have proved extremely effective. Now, a much more affordable, oral solution is available, providing relief for all your joints, for a mere fraction of the price of costly injections!

Cartilage in the joints provides a cushion between the bones to allow the joints to move smoothly. Hyaluronan is naturally present in the body as the synovial fluids that lubricate the cartilage between the joints. With osteoarthritis, the cartilage and other structures of the joints begin to breakdown.

Synthovial Seven (Hyaluronic Acid) is Patent Approved for Overall Joint Health, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia

In some people, a small amount of inflammation breaks down the hyaluronan so that proper lubrication is lost. Joints become stiff and movement is painful. Hyaluronan has been used to date very successfully as a direct injection into the affected area, costing hundreds of dollars per treatment. Now with the highly refined hyaluronan present in Synthovial Seven, a more cost-effective orally absorbed solution to joint pain has become a reality! More info…


Coral Calcium Supreme Pure Marine Grade Ionized Bio-available Coral CalciumPure Marine Grade Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium SUPREME

Coral Calcium Supreme contains 1000 mg Marine Coral Calcium per serving, with 75 Trace Minerals and enhanced with Vitamins A,C,D and E. The natural 2:1 ratio of Coral Calcium to Magnesium achieves maximum absorption. Coral Calcium supplements, such as Bob Barefoot's Coral Calcium Supreme, is a critical aspect to good health - just like water and air! Give your body the minerals it needs. Good health is no accident. More info…


FlexProtex D Joint Health Supplement

FlexProtex D Joint Health Supplement Bottle ShotAll natural FlexProtex D is nature's way of improving joint health. The best part is "there are no side effects, just side benefits." FlexProtex is a patented dietary supplement for joint health to help ease minor every day aches and pains, support joint health and enhance flexibility

FlexProtex D is the newest addition to the market of natural joint support supplements. The proprietary blend of ingredients in FlexProtex contains stabilized rice bran derivitaves with non-bovine glucosamine derivatives and herbs enhanced with Vitamin D3.

Better Living With FlexProtex D

FlexProtex D is unique because it contains NAG (N-acetyl-glucosamine), an expensive form of glucosamine that isn't readily available on just any supermarket shelf. The two other commonly used forms of glucosamine on the market are glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Neither of these forms is used in FlexProtex D. Nutrucea's decision to use the N-Acetyl form was based on some evidence that insulin resistance may develop from use of the sulfate form. More info…


Acai Blush
Promotes Optimum Health and Longevity

Acai Blush Amazon Superfood Discovery Bottle ImageAcai Blush is a Scientific Blend of Nature's Top Nine Superfoods. Dr. James Chappell formulated Acai Blush to increase energy, enhance the immune system, protect cells from toxins and resist aging.

Acai Blush Information

Proxacine RejuvanatesWouldn't it be terrific if it were possible to look and feel 10-20 years younger? Now it is.....With Proxacine! Proxacine is the naturally created formula that is helping literally thousands of people recapture that youthful vitality, and "zest" for life, experiencing a level of rejuvenation they never dreamed of! More info…
Flexacine Keeps You FlexableDr. Chappell's breakthrough formula is honestly bringing blessed relief to thousands. People with under nourished joints, or poor flexibility have experienced first-hand how Flexacine has made a real difference in their lives! People swear by Flexacine and they have found the relief, comfort and increased FLEXIBILITY they thought was long gone, all without a prescription or side effects! More info…
"A Promise Kept: One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of DIS-EASE" by Dr. James ChappellYou can live a life free of sickness and dis-ease. But if you are one of the millions of people who simply do whatever anyone in perceived authority tells them, this book is NOT for you. Just keep trusting your doctors and take your drugs as needed - and needed they will be, for one drug will always lead to another. After all, that's the nature of drug therapy, and no drug has ever cured anything. Let me repeat: NO DRUG HAS EVER CURED ANYTHING! It may have postponed the inevitable, but only God or nature heals. We simply must go back to trusting God and nature for there isn't anything mankind can offer that God or nature hasn't already provided. More info…
Resveracine Cell ProtectionYour body is estimated to contain 100 trillion cells! How fast your cells are prematurely aged by free radicals, has a big influence on your health! Free radical destruction is like rust on metal, slowly deteriorating the metal until there is nothing left. Free radicals work in the same way, slowly destroying the cells in your vital organs, and all the other cells in your body. With Resveracine you get the ultimate in nutritional body armor to guard against the slow silent destruction of every one of your 100 trillion cells. More info…
Prostacine Forte Really Helps!Now there's an advanced natural way to help promote optimum prostate health, comfort, and sexual health. It's a precisely calibrated formula called Prostacine Forte, developed by Dr. James Chappell. After years of research Dr. Chappell selected 12 natural herbs and nutrients that have proven to have a dramatic impact. More info…